Sweaters, Solstice, Write Off Corn Meats? Bean sales. maybe Buck Rally?

Just a quickie,

Sx overnight high 940.5 so stop goes over in my opinion if bearish or hedging beans on rally.

Corn is a disaster in my mind. When trading parabolic up I have found if you want to pyramid (long) which is fine but enter against settlement px so steady on day in case. Or touch over.

Its so you do not raise avg so fast, that exit plans need to be discussed but it is sweet when it hits, right?

I have S&P levels. Is this going to crash by Fall with China (now off 20% since GS A-shares hype by Goldy), CHI NEX tech index which was added to MSCI. Now at least you can buy 20% discount, right?

Man my Rural folks some you guys are a fade. Thats where I think I can help. Sift thru GS BS?

Speculators, Gamblers Planting etc.

1/8 Bid Corn calls lotto junk?

I have to say this reminds me of a drought year besides a wettest spring ever on record. A Biblical, 1st-time-ever of which I remain bullish 1st time ever's.

Very cold wet weekend sent more corn naked shorts and ethanol users looking to secure feed. I think still corn is a disaster but now we add some petro to fuel last weeks over bottleneck advance. I have jokingly said funds might be long 2 bil bu by 4th of July. Stay tuned.

Commercial users try to browbeat farmer corn longs and this is good to hear from you.

They will buy Brazil corn and deliver in US they (lie) tell you? Lies hit new highs in business.

He who sells what is in his'in,

Shall deliver or go to prison. Lumber today has OLS, NASD ditto byt small 7550. Just watch again. Gold bulls? Call

Old adage but force majeure has happened in my experience. Now you pay a fine probably like hundreds of Bank-ster's neither admit nor deney. KMPG has a great one, payoff to tell them which audits were reviewed earlt, inside job. wsj.

They ain't delivering by First Notice Day so I feel sky still limit next few weeks. I have next set of extreme sell levels available to self directed's in all commodities.

BOZ - alert is live. Trader emails after a year and asks with no intention of paying a nickel? Yeah live means live. You'll learn by next year. What's a list year or two worth?

Bean oil, enough. Beans- looking for extremes over 9.20? Sold sold sold. Corn is parabolic, funds buying, along with corn users that were warned here when bears laughed at me about buying a call a day, OLB under 3.50 cn?

"Get your drought (beans but corn) on," were annual bean bulls adage. Trust me.

At least I warmed about being absolutely out of your mind selling beans on buck break at 8.47 long term TL's. Clients tend to forget those added value obstacles. So let's take a fake option paper trade. We bought what floor broker told me

WU 600 calls for a half cent, $25 plus my 50% off option commission your in under $50 and you bought 100 for simple math reasons. ($5000 thrown out the window on calls). Here is my poor man's hedge for free almost idea stated the last few months since meats crashed.

I have meat levels in few months, LH LC so if bullish give me a jingle if looking for trading dope (info). Low in one month had 2-TLs, one off high on low today. Monday.

Now you sell the futures, half is a must at the 600 strike. Not to break even but I will keep floor trader option trader concept to clients but this is imperative to survive. It's a floor trader rule that just when your really getting jacked up bullish in a month when the drought may start. Do you think of diff outcomes and game plans early?

Or by seat of pants worn out by sitting in that tractor overtime this nuclear spring? BOZ NL HIT Friday. Up 40.

I have corn longs that viewed my home machine corn charts with levels sharply higher and warming too. I put levels to pro's or small trader's. Oh, GCQ 1332 ish live. It's a green of an olive. It means something to NASA geeks in algo code instruct.s.

Get a gameplan and use my chart levels as pivots if you know nothing of charts. If you want to play my lines are based off events that determine where you draw lines. Sometimes 100's of ticks between like OJ and LB in old freefalls to extreme extreme OLB's, then sideways, held OLB1 on the right shoulder H&S neckline. If you don't know a neckline and forget that stuff they teach. My NLs tend to be esoteric, hidden timeframes I think base human emotion climax (exp above was you, Farmer Joe, wanting to get short last month on bean break. I hope I saved you some dough not shorting 850 sx, because that was CN 344 or CZ 366 was it?).

Expect volatile markets across the board. I'mnot too busy to chat but I know your busy again. Always busy and now we have a market.


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